Education and Youth

Youth are the greatest victims of violent conflict, poverty and other social problems. Youth are also often perpetrators of violence, whether forced or voluntary. Yet, youth also have the greatest desire, passion and potential to work for peaceful change for a better future. Youth have increasingly become key actors for conflict resolution and peacebuilding around the world.

ACT works with educators and youth to develop curricula and implement conflict resolution, peer mediation, and restorative justice programs in schools.

We also design and conduct training and education programs for youth in academic and community settings, and runs ‘leadership camps’ for youth from conflict zones to come together for single or joint training, dialogue and action-planning for the future.

Sample projects: (additional projects, information, photos, etc coming soon)

* Conflict Resolution Education, Central Asia: ACT designed and delivered a two-month long intensive graduate seminar for 20 professors and advanced graduate students from Central Asian universities in Conflict Resolution for the United Nations University for Peace Central Asia Program.

* Conflict Resolution Education, Korea: ACT developed conflict resolution curricula and training programs for Korean educators. ACT worked in partnership with the Korea Anabaptist Center to deliver conflict resolution training for over 100 elementary, middle, and high school educators.

* Conflict Transformation Training, Russia: ACT has designed and delivered a series of introductory workshops in conflict transformation for educators from the former Soviet Union for the American Council of Teachers of Russian (ACTR).

* Conflict Management, Cyprus: ACT designed and delivered a five-day training workshop for 25 young Greek and Turkish Cypriot adults in conflict management skills for the Cyprus-American Scholarship Program (CASP) administered by AMIDEAST.

* Pro-Active Leadership Program, Cyprus: ACT designed and implemented a 3-week summer program that taught leadership and cooperative problem solving skills to 32 Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot high school students.  The program was sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Nicosia and administered by AMIDEAST.

* Training for Georgians & Abkhaz: ACT has designed and delivered several conflict resolution trainings in one-week workshops to month-long intensive summer programs for over 200 Abkhaz and Georgian war-affected youth, including high school students and young professionals in non-governmental organizations, media and national government. Sponsoring organizations have included The Carter Center, Catholic Relief Services, among others.

* Intergroup Conflict Resolution Education and Mediation, Israeli and Palestinian Schools: ACT has provided several interrelated curricula development and training programs, including: (1) Trained 50 K-12 educators/counselors from the Palestinian Authority and 75 Bethlehem University students in conflict resolution and mediation techniques. (2) Trained 50 educators/counselors from the Israeli Ministry of Education in advanced mediation training techniques and worked with the Israeli Ministry of Education to design and deliver a nation-wide intergroup conflict resolution and violence prevention training of trainers program. (3) Worked with faculty in the Department of Social Sciences, Bethlehem University to design conflict resolution curricula.

* Israeli-Palestinian Youth Focused Peace Partners Program: In partnership with Fairfax County Public Schools (Fairfax, Virginia), ACT conducted exchange programs and facilitated dialogues for 32 Israeli, Palestinian and US educators. Sponsored by the US Dept of State.

* Peer Mediation Training, Indonesia: Trained 20 Indonesian educators in peer mediation techniques and program development strategies.  Provided materials and curriculum to help them develop programs in their schools.  Sponsored by Ohio University and the Center for Research on Inter-group Relations and Conflict Resolution at the University of Indonesia.

* Peer Mediation in the US: ACT has presented workshops and training in conflict resolution education and peer mediation for hundreds of educators and students throughout the US.