Conflict Intervention

Conflict signals the need for change. When dealt with constructively, conflict offers powerful opportunities for peaceful change at all levels of society, from the personal to community to national and global change. Effective intervention processes help conflict parties develop improved relations and reach mutually beneficial and lasting solutions that meet the basic needs, interests and aspirations of all sides.

Successful conflict intervention can produce short-term positive results and lay the foundation for long-term peacebuilding.

ACT provides the following conflict intervention services

  • Advising clients on possible approaches to addressing their conflict
  • Designing conflict resolution systems for non-governmental organizations, local governments, schools, and businesses
  • Mediating interpersonal, organizational, community and intergroup conflicts
  • Facilitating dialogues and problem solving processes in schools, organizations, and communities

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Over the next month, ACT will be adding reviews of past projects that exemplify each service area. You’ll be able to read about the original situation, what ACT was asked to do, and the concluding results. Please come back and visit us!